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WWII Important Updates!!

These are originals.

WWII U.S. Army leggings, size 2R. In great condition!
$10.00 + s/h
Post-WWII steel pot. This helmet is in good condition. The seam meets in the back. This could be a great pot to use for a U.S.M.C. impression, with a Marine helmet cover.

$25.00 + s/h

We have been seriously considering dealing in World War II items. These will not be reproductions, but originals. If you are one who is interested, please let us know. We are not expecting you to order anything, we just want to know how much interest there is in this idea.
Also, if you are interested in selling to us, please let us know also. We would like to see what we can arrange. OR, if you would like to post consignment here with us, we can also possibly arrange that as well.

Let us know here.

Coming in soon, we've got a couple Steel Pots, 2R leggings, and more!!!!