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Links & Events
A great site for authentics, delivered to you by Paul Calloway
A great web site with all the great information you might need
Great site with great products to keep you warm and thinking of the women back home
The Top-Rail Mess

You may be able to run into us at these events. We wont be set up, but most likely we will be there running around somewhere.

Morgan's Raid
Lebanon, TN (Federal)
June 8-9
WIG Shiloh Event
(Will be in Co. "B")
April 26-28
great event, had no regrets about going AT ALL!!
Ft. Donelson, Tennessee
Feb. 8-10
"Crawford's Farm"
(A Top Rail Mess event)
Jan. 11-13, 2002
More to come...............

Perryville, Kantuckee
October 5,6,& 7
Morgan's Raid
Lebanon, TN June 8-10
Pickett's Mill (Hazen's Approach)
June 1,2,& 3
Shiloh Memorial Day Service
Monday, May 28, 2001
Resaca, GA
May 19&20
Raymond, MS (Vicksburg)
May 4,5,& 6
Selma, AL
April 27,28,& 29
Shiloh Living History
April 6,7,& 8