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FarbNoMore Historical Clothiers©
Timothy L. Arnold & Co.
Est. 1996
Confederate Clothing

updated May 27, 2010
Mobile Depot Jacket
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This is the same jacket as the "Mystery Depot" jacket in Echoes of Glory. pg 141.
This is the jacket that put us on the map in the 90's.   
Department of Alabama Jacket

This jacket is also seen in Echoes of Glory. pg. 140

Single row of topstitching, left side pocket
Double Row topstitching, right side pocket
Battle Shirt
Battleshirts- Different from our hunting shirts, these are made for military impressions. Sewn from a variety of materials you can pick any of the following options:   
-Patch Pockets
-Tape trim in various locations
-Bone, coin, dome, glass, or military buttons.

Add whatever you want, itís no additional charge, but for trim we ask for 1 week of additional time for the work involved. Stitching that tape for nothing takes time! The shirt is felled by hand, but pick from one of the following:

                  Flat price with visible stitching done by hand     
                  All Hand sewn                                                        
CS Issue Trousers

Made with side seam pockets out of various materials (cassimere, jean wool, or cotton jean), the choice of lining is between osnaburg and civilian shirting. Various additions can be added to custom make your pants. Original bone buttons are used when available.

Basic Trousers (visible stitching hand sewn)
Entirely Hand sewn

*Many original images are found with a trouser stripe being present on the legs of trousers, regardless of rank, this addition can be added for $20. The tape is entirely applied by hand and ranges in size from Ĺ inch to 1 ľ inch.
CS Kepi (added May 2010)
These are made of various jean-cloth colors & sources. Leather bills, and cotton linings.      
  $-TBD several are almost ready for instock