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FarbNoMore Historical Clothiers
Timothy L. Arnold & Co.
Est. 1996
Federal Clothing & Equipment
updated 27 May 2010

Contract Shirts
Blue, Tan, or Grey wool flannel. Machine sewn with handsewn button holes as per originals, with tin paperback buttons.
Fatigue Blouse Our federal fatigue blouse is constructed of 100% wool flannel. It is lined in the same type of material, usually a grey or tan color. Most of the piece is machine sewn as the original, with some handsewing, including the button holes. $165
Trousers, Federal Issue

Schuykill Arsenal (Made with 100% wool kersey, cotton drill, paperback tin buttons. Completely handsewn as the originals. Triangular yoked back)
Sale Price for a limited time!!

John T. Martin (Made with 100% wool kersey, paperback tin buttons. Trapezoid-shaped yoke in the back.  $165 (other sizes are available. Contact us.

Size   Waist   Inseam
1        32          31
2        34          32
3        36          33
   4        38          34
Drawers, Federal Issue
Made of Canton Flannel, and tin buttons.
Size  Waist  Inseam
   1        32         30
2        34         31
3        36         31
State Jacket The dark blue wool we use for these has been placed ontop of an original state jacket in a private collection. The fabric has been the closest match this person has ever seen. At this time we are using several different ways of putting these together. It is best to email us with a photo of your state jacket you would like us to reproduce so we will know what you are looking for. $200
Shelter Half by Carl Arnold of FNM
This shelter half was copied from the Joseph Lee contractor selection, pattern "
IIa." The contract was granted to Lee on July 5, 1862 for 30,000 halfs which were made out of cotton drill, 8 oz.
Officers Private Purchase Sack Coat Made of a fine broadcloth,  trimmed many different ways, with external pockets. This coat is made so that the lapels fold back properly for that "civilian look."  We have two different shades of blue. One is of a dark blue, and the other is closer to an indigo blue. Price TBD
Schuykill Arsenal Jacket
We use a fine broadcloth to construct these. This jacket is completely handsewn, including 11 front & 2 per cuff keyhole button holes
$TBD If you want to order one within the next few weeks please email us.

** In the past we made one or two of these with internal seams using machine stitching. It just does NOT look the same or correct. So we stopped that immediately.
Other officers/private purchase items are in the works. Kepis, shell jackets, haversacks, trousers, vests, white civilian shirts(worn by officers). We are getting patterns and materials just right at this point. Please check back soon or email us with questions.