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FarbNoMore Historical Clothiers
Timothy L. Arnold & Co.
Est. 1996

27 May 2010
Machine sewn with Handsewn button holes....
All handsewn
$125 sale price $100
Overshirt/Hunting Shirt/ Work Shirt
These come in various materials, colors, and some have taping. Contact us for pricing
Sack Coat Machine sewn with hand sewn details
Cotton Twill or Linen
Cassimere or Satinet
Wool Flannel
Drawers These are made of a cotton flannel.
Machine sewn, with hand stiching where needed
Completely hand sewn
Machine sewn with handsewn button holes

Machine sewn with hand sewn topstiching

100% Hand sewn
In the works

Linen frock coats
Shawl Collar Vests
White pleated dress shirts