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About Us
           Timothy Arnold

         Farb-No-More Historical Clothiers is headed
                   by Timothy Arnold. A letter from him:

  I began "reenacting" back around 1992, and
since then I have learned so many things that
have expanded my knowledge. Soon after
beginning, I learned a little bit about
uniforms. I got tired of all the prices I was
paying to get a piece of junk. If I was going
to pay alot, I wanted to get a good quality
item. So I started making my own uniforms,
from jean cloth of course. Then a couple
guys wanted me to make them jackets.
Soon it just kinda grew, but it is still in that
growing stage though. I made many items
at the start, then I dropped down to what I
make now. This was so I could concentrate
on those, and making them a better quality.
I hope that my products will suit your needs,
thanks for visiting this site.

In Him,
Timothy Arnold

Tony DiMaiolo

Tony DiMaiolo, a wonderful assistant, has been with us for a short time. His skills have grown tremendously lately. While just about fresh out of high school, he will be attending the University of Memphis majoring in history. Tony has shown that age has nothing to do with ability. His desire to make products more and more correct have displayed him as an awesome person with a will to strive for perfection. Not to mention his great button holes.... hand sewn of course.

E-mail us at
8266 Whispering Elm DR.
Memphis, TN 38125