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FarbNoMore Historical Clothiers
Timothy L. Arnold
Est. 1996
Confederate Clothing
Mobile Depot Jacket
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This is the same jacket as the "Mystery Depot" jacket in Echoes of Glory. pg 141.
This is the jacket that put us on the map in the 90's.   
Department of Alabama Jacket

This jacket is also seen in Echoes of Glory. pg. 140

Single row of topstitching, left side pocket
Double Row topstitching, right side pocket
Battle Shirt

Designs vary in the taping. If you have a preference, please let us know.
$90 -$135 (difference in sewing and taping)

These trousers are somewhat a generic pattern found in most confederate trousers.

Machine sewn with hand topstitching and button holes...

All handsewn trousers, including the inseam...