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The HardCase is:

The Top Rail Mess

The Independence Mess

The Green Bottle Mess

The Flatlanders Mess

The Front Porch Mess
      The Hard Case Boys is a group composed of men from Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  Our goal is portray the average infantry soldier of the western Federal and Confederate Armies of the "War of the Rebellion".

       We use research such as photographic study, documentation study and first person practices to gather a detailed interpretation of every day soldier life during the war. Our desire is use our knowledge and information to mimic the spirit of the "campaigning soldier" and capture the feeling of comradery and discipline. The Hard Case Boys are not proclaiming that we are better than any other group or affiliation, however we will try to prove ourselves with proper attitude, determination and devotion to our impressions and our friendships.

Terms of the Month:

1800's term:

Mondern meaning:
Bad Luck; Often used as a nick name for the groups clutz

1800's term:
Grab a root

Modern meaning:
Have dinner or a potato
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